Life Before Therapy: Three Stories


Emma was caught off guard. Her children had just gone off to college when her husband decided he wanted a divorce. Emma felt angry, confused, lost and decides she needs some help navigating this new world.

Lexi didn’t know what the problem was. She was a high schooler with good friends. Her grades were okay. She felt she had a pretty normal life, but she felt so irritated by everything. She did not know what to say to her parents. She felt it was unfair she was facing so many decisions at 16.
Cody and Araceli

Cody and Araceli met at work. After dating for a couple years, they got married. Two kids later, they felt as though they didn’t even know each other. How did we get here? Should we stay married? What about the kids?

What do these 3 very different stories have in common?
Therapy could help.

As your therapist, we can work to address the challenges you are facing. Typically, we will meet weekly for a therapeutic hour. Initially, we take a history and from there create goals and set up a timeline so you have an idea of how long your unique treatment plan will be.

Life After Therapy: Three Stories

Story of Emma

Emma’s husband did chose to move forward with the divorce, and Emma decided to stay in therapy to address the stress and grief that accompanied this decision. While the process was not easy, Emma expressed feeling supported and often stated that having her regular therapy sessions helped her manage stressors and move forward successfully. She reports feeling like a much stronger version of her former self.

Story of Lexi

Lexi explored her shifting needs and the dynamics of her family. The insights she gained in therapy allowed her to communicate more clearly with her parents, which in turn lead to a more harmonious home life for everyone. It became clear that Lexi was experiencing some depression which therapy alone could not fully address. As her therapist, I worked with her psychiatrist and a therapeutic level of anti-depressants were given to Lexi. This combination of care created an optimal environment for Lexi who went on to graduate high school with honors and titrate off the anti-depressants completely before heading off to college.

Story of Cody and Araceli

Cody and Araceli dedicated themselves to the process. Through specifically designed communication exercises, homework assignments and regular therapeutic check-ins, they found each other again. Both expressed feeling more connected, better able to navigate difficult conversation, and a renewed sense of purpose for the relationship. Their intimacy increased drastically, and eventually therapy was no longer required for them to have the relationship they both desired.

Don’t struggle alone. Don’t prolong your pain.

Let’s create a plan together that will help you tackle the issues directly
and get you on track to having the peace you crave.

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Therapy is a unique relationship where one party trusts another to help them figure out difficult situations in life. All people struggle at various times in their life and there’s no harm or stigma in seeking a neutral outside party to discuss things.

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